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B2B Hotelier Perquisite

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


B2B Hotelier Perquisite

       In 16 January 2014, Red Top Hotel, Central Jakarta Bayu Buana Travel Services, as a leading travel agent in Indonesia is trying to win the travel services industry with an innovative breakthrough. Leaving the old conventional means, Bayu Buana Travel Services offers an extranet scheme between Hotel suppliers to Bayu Buana's customers.

       "Bayu Buana as a whole one stop holiday services, also in co-operation with one of the best travel agent in the world, BCD Travel is optimist with this new extranet scheme, together we can create a mutual beneficial relations to optimize the market share throughout the world, not only in Indonesia." Agustinus Pake Seko, Director of Bayu Buana Travel Services.

B2B Hotelier Perquisite

       “We provide a very simple extranet scheme in order to help our Hotel suppliers updated their detailed information, yet prioritizing the aspect of users friendly for each of our agents. So we hope, it will be an excellent tool to create more sales in B2B segment.” Jusak Octavianus, FIT Manager of Bayu Buana Travel Services.

       In order to leave the conventional means, and create a more efficient means for hotel suppliers to Bayu Buana's agents, Bayu Buana Travel Services launches B2B Hotelier Perquisite. An extranet scheme of online hotel B2B booking tools is introduced to 250 hotels that are invited to the Red Top Hotel's ballroom in Central Jakarta.

B2B Hotelier Perquisite

       Bayu Buana Travel Services Director is taking charge to open the launching event, followed with the FIT Manager explaining the details of B2B Hotelier Perquisite's working scheme. Door prizes are filled in the middle of the rundown, which is sponsored by Garuda Airlines, and closed with a question and answer section.

       With a vision to become the market leader in Indonesian travel industry, Bayu Buana Travel Services is keep challenging the market with a new innovation as a one stop travel services.

About Bayu Buana

       Founded in 1972, now Bayu Buana employs 500 staffs in the network of 16 branches across Indonesia. Bayu Buana managed to become the first Travel Agent Listed in the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1989 also the first travel agent to receive ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Quality Management System. Bayu Buana now is a partner of BCD Travel in Indonesia, the world's leading provider of global travel logistics, streamlining operations and strategic business management to enable customers to achieve maximum travel program savings.

About B2B Hotel Extranet

       Since 2012, Bayu Buana has tried to develop the B2B Hotel system for stability and sustainability in handling B2B Hotel transaction by online means replacing the conventional ways. Now, B2B Hotel Extranet is ready and online 24/7 for hotelier and Bayu Buana.