Nami Island & Petite France Tour IDR BF

Nami Island & Petite France Tour IDR BF

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Price : until Jun $95

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Full Day Tour
➛ Seoul Station (Hotel)
➛ Nami Island
➛ Petite France
➛ Shopping Center
➛ Seoul Station (Hotel)


Place description :

Nami-island is located in the middle of the North Han River and is the half-moon shaped island. It boasts wide open grassy areas suitable for picnics and recreation surrounded by chestnut and popular trees. For Koreans and international visitors the island is an oasis suitable for leisurely strolls or romantic dates. Facilities that have served to support these cultural efforts including the UNICEF Hall, YWCA Lipia Garden, Andersen Hall, Nami Cultural Center, the Hands-on Learning Center, the Song Museum, the Arists’ Retreat, Recycling Center, Gallery Nami, and Bonsai Garden. Nami-island is a place where nature and human beings live peacefully in harmony with understanding and respect for each other.

Petite France
Petite France is a French cultural village set in the Korean countryside and it serves as both a French Cultural village and a youth training facility, and consists of 16 French-style building where visitors can lodge and experience French food, clothing, and household culture. The concept of the Petite France encapsulates ‘flowers, stars, and the Little Prince.’ The village contains a memorial hall dedicated to Saint-Exupery, the author of the celebrated French novel, Le Petite Prince(1943) and as such it is called the Little Prince theme park.


Price Pax Time Inclusive
USD 95 Min 3 people 08:00 am - 05:00 pm Transportation, Admission fee, Tour guide


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